The Family Guy House (Regarded as "Family Guy" on the in-world Kaneva map) is a nearly exact recreation of the home from the hit animated Fox/TBS comedy show Family Guy.


Exactly recreating the home inhabited by the Griffin family and their dog Brian, the Family Guy House is one of the few locations on Kaneva with purely cosmetic attractions, though the popularity of the show does draw hundreds of members a day. Adjacent to the TBS HQ, several of the pictures inside have been replaced with still images from different episodes of the show, while the television inside plays episodes 24/7 (At the moment the only episode showing is episode 2x13 "Road to Rhode Island"). Both of the houses' floors are available to the public, though there is currently no way to exit the house and explore Spooner Street.

Further Family Guy-related objects can be found inside TBS HQ. There is no way to walk directly to the house, though jumping to the house and using an elevator located inside of TBS HQ to reach the location remain active ways to travel to and from the house.


  • You can get outside of the house by jumping into the gap between the living room's TV and the wall behind it. Outside is nothing more than a second rendering of the house.


The Family Guy zone is no longer available.