The Kaneva Help Center is an in-world location designed to educate new members and acquaint them with the game's primary interface and the many forms of interaction. To date the Help Center is the only part of Kaneva where players cannot interact with one another outside of private chatting.
Help Center

Poster advertising the Kaneva Help Center, located in Kaneva Mall


New players are automatically directed to the Help Center before they enter the online world. Upon their first arrival the players may notice floating gold coins populating the Help Center; these are floating forms of collecting Rewards and can only be encountered once in the game exclusively within the Help Center.

Through the clinic the player is shown the basic controls via visual/voice guides (Along with arrows) to point him or her along the path through the clinic. Following these arrows will bring the player to each new tutorial. After the player is satisfied and sure they have learned enough the "Home" button on the taskbar is readily available to zap them to their Home regardless of whether or not they finished the walkthrough. It is however heavily recommended by players and officials alike that players do finish the tutorials however, and keep an eye open for the gold coins (If a player should find even some of them the amount of Rewards earned may enter the thousands, making easing into the virtual world a more enjoyable process).