Kaneva CityEdit

The second densest region in the game and featuring a number of shops, Kaneva City is a secret-laden shopping bonanza connected to both Kaneva Plaza and the Third Dimension, making it a natural crossing point for hundreds of Kaneva members a day. Unlike Kaneva Mall, Kaneva City is primarily geared towards members using Credits rather than Rewards as a currency, and to date not a single store accepts Rewards in exchange for goods.

Stores/Points of InterestEdit

  • Bryan Tatt's (Body Art)***
  • Collectible Shop (Misc./Collectibles)
  • Costume Shop (Clothing)
  • DM Ice Cream Shop (Restaurant)**
  • Dre's Pizza Shack (Restaurant)**
  • E-Evans' PC Shop (Electronics)**
  • Jon's Lingerie Collection (Clothing)***
  • Kaneva Formal Wear (Clothing)
  • Kaneva Holiday Shop (Misc./Collectibles)
  • Kaneva Museum of Art (Art Showcase)**
  • Skye Comics (Misc.)**
(**Denotes Inactive Shop)
(***Denotes Adults Only)


  • You may climb atop the building with the staircase leading to its roof. Atop it is an open doorway, though upon entering it you are tossed down into Kaneva Holiday Shop.
  • Follow the pathway straight immediately after jumping to Kaneva City. At the pathway's intersection turn left. Continue walking beyond the hot dog cart and take a right at the first chance, leading you to the side of the tall gray building. After that continue past the Kaneva City map showcase and take another right down the back alley. Continue straight until you hit an invisible barrier and then turn right and walk through the brick wall. Inside will be an exclusive club.
  • Take a left when you reach the Costume Shop and a right down the alleyway. On the back of the Costume Store is a graffiti painting. Manuever yourself around it to see a face appear and disappear.
    • In that same courtyard walk beyond the loading doors and take a right down the nearest alleyway. There will be a door at its end. Walk through the door and inside the Kaneva HQ, where you'll see just how dedicated the developers are to the world.
  • Duck down the alley between Kaneva Formal Wear and the Collectible Shop to find a Basketball court (Though you can't actually play Basketball)
  • On the walkway overlooking the Basketball court is a wooden fence with a small on its left (Also facing the Basketball court) and a larger facing its right. Run along the broader walkway until you reach a dark gray building. Using this path you can manage to jump onto its roof and the roof of another adjacent building.