The heart of Kaneva, the Plaza offers a scenic view of the world as well as acting as its central hub, providing access to nearly every in-world location with the exception of the Help center, Family Guy House, and the TNT Backlot.


Kaneva Plaza remains one of the largest in-world locations and boasts superb connectivity to the Mall, TBS HQ, Member Homes, and Kaneva City. Though making the rest of the world more easily traversed without using the Jump feature, the Plaza only offers a few on-site attractions. The first being the Lawn and Leisure Store (Known as "Joe's Plants" prior to the August 7, 2008 update), which sells both various floral arrangements and rare pieces of furniture/scenery, most of which exclusive to the store.

The second (Though now defunct) attraction is the Plaza's own dance floor, which, while not an exclusive, serves as a pleasant alternative to the floor in the Third Dimension (The first of two Kaneva-sanctioned dance floors). The Plaza's floor is flanked by an immobile boat with on board furniture and several 120 Inch Projection screens lining the walkway, along with bach chairs and speakers. Music Videos are played 24/7 and feature a more famous line-up of artists as opposed to the licensed work usually featured in the Third Dimension. Recently this dance floor along with the boat and television screens were removed entirely from the Plaza.


  • You can climb atop the Mall's roof by using a mixture of running and jumping along the red girders lining the building or Jumping to another member's location who is already situated on the roof.
  • The Underground's exterior is as close to the party as some underage members may get: The Underground requires party goers to be above the age of 18 and possess an Access Pass before they are allowed in.
  • Boats may be immobile, but the one at Plaza's center facing the dance floor provides a nice spot to sit back and watch TV.
  • if you go to the kaneva tower (the place where ur near when u click plaza on ur mini map) and jump though one of the windows you will fall thou the window and see some saits. the stairs take you to a platfom on near the top of the tower.