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About this image

Above is the Kaneva Town Map (It has been changed in-game since the one shown above). You'll find it by (when in-game) clicking on "Travel" then "Places" and finally "Map." The places here are: Mall: Here you will find many cool and inexpensive shops for clothing and building. The mall is separated into 3 sections: The Lobby, The West Wing, and The North Wing. The Lobby: Information Desk

West Wing: Electronics eShack Electronics

Salon Clipz 'n' Curlz

Furniture Geo & Box Fun Modern Furniture and accessories such as tables, chairs, place settings, cabinets, bookshelves, stools, pitchers, dessert counter, dressers, gravy boats, etc. Price range: 20-113 Rewards, depending on the item.

Gadgets & Things Digital Den Pools, Speakers, Dance Floors, LED/Neon Signs, Instruments, etc. Price Range: 75-3000, depending on the item.

Female Casual Hip Chic

Male Casual Threads

Cheap Furniture Avenak Furniture

North Wing: Department Store Home Builder

Mid-Priced Furniture Backdrop Furniture

Goth Store Gothwear

Hi-End Electronics Hi-Resolutions

Shoes Just 4 Kicks

Picture Frames Frames

Real Estate Kaneva Real Estate

Your Home: Clicking this will take you to your "home zone", or the place you are at when you first enter the game.

Member Homes: Here is all the home zones for everyone on Kaneva. Kaneva Shop: Kaneva Plaza: Here you can get to the top theaters, stores, festivals, galleries, etc. and you'll find the Lawn & Leisure shop here. Here you'll find enterances to Kaneva Mall, TBS (requires pass), and The Underground (requires pass). Dance Clubs: These dance clubs are open to everyone. Adult Pass Dance Clubs: To go to these dance clubs you need to get a special pass. Kaneva City: Kaneva City is well-sized and has several shops and fun areas. They include: Holiday Shop: Here you'll find decorations for Christmas, Halloween, Easter, Valentine's Day, St Patrick's Day, and Thanksgiving. Lingerie Shop: Lingerie clothing. Costume Shop: You'll find costume here, from witches and elves to angels and French maids. Wedding & Formal Wear Shop: Dresses and Tuxedos for any formal occasion. Collectible Shop: You'll find Kanimals and Snowglobes here.

A small ampitheater A basketball court Art Museum Ice Cream Shop PC Shop One-Click Employment Agency Comic Shop

One-Click Employment Agency: Here you can go to get a job in Kaneva.

Top Worlds: Here you'll find the top worlds at the time. Events: Click here for all the events going on at the time.

The "Top" Bar

Notice at the top of your screen when in Kaneva there are several buttons. Here's what they're for (Going left to right): Character Name/ Level: Click this to see your fame, badges, credits, rewards and raves

Home: Click here to travel to your Home Zone Travel: Click here to see other places. Rave: Click here, when at another place, to rave a place. People: Click here to see who's online, as well as your friends list. Chat: Click here to bring the chat window up Camera: Click this to take a screenshot Inventory: Click here to view your inventory Shop: Click here to open the Kaneva Shop Emotes: Click here to get to your emotes.

Thank you every one from kaneva for your support! we really appreciate it.

Kaneva Edit

Kaneva is massive multiplayer online game. It is very realistic compared to most. You can customize your own avatar (Male or Female), build anything imaginable, and show your creativity.

  • Note: 90% of the people who play Kaneva are age 20+, very few below 20. Keep this in mind when looking for friends on there. :)*

Kaneva Party Hours: Log in 45 minutes before these times (Eastern Daylight Time) to earn rewards.

7 am - 8 am: 500 rewards ~ 11 am - 12 pm: 500 rewards ~ 3 pm - 4 pm: 500 rewards ~ 6 pm - 7 pm: 500 rewards ~ 9 pm - 10 pm: 1000 rewards

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Here are keys to your keyboard for help.

In chatboard type these:

/helpclan - when you type that you will see on chatboard help to keys /clancreate - you can use this if you want create an clan /clandisband - you can type thes is you want delete your clan

Where to start Edit

Thank you Kaneva for your support!