2011 map

Map as of 2011

The map can be accessed by clicking places on the HUB, then communities, then Map. The map allows you to quickly click on a category of community you wish to visit or to be able to quickly access particular stores in the mall, city, or plaza. Hover the cursor over the areas and additional information will pop up beside the icon where you can select your chosen options.

Beneath the map is a series of links for credit bundle specials and the Shop.Kaneva page where a user can view content uploaded by other users or start your own shop.

Around the MapEdit

  • Access Pass Dance Clubs
Here you will find clubs that have been marked for members holding an access pass.
  • Casino
Here you can play the Texas Hold'em app games.
  • Community Hangouts
Here you can view the top hangouts or your own places.
  • Dance Clubs
Here you can view the top dance clubs owned by other members.
  • Game Zones
  1. Ka-ching!
  2. Ka-ching! Store
  3. Texas Hold'em
  • Kaneva City
  1. Kaneva Holiday Shop
  2. Costume Shop
  3. Jons LinGerie Collection
  4. Wedding Items and Formal Wear
  5. Collectible Shop
  6. Bryan's Accessories
  7. Kaneva Museum of Art
  • Kaneva Mall
  1. Top Stores owned by members
  2. Information Kiosk
  3. Kanevea Bank
  4. Frames
  5. Kaneva Real Estate
  6. Gothwear
  7. Just 4 Kicks
  8. Hi Resolutions
  9. Backdrop Furniture
  10. Home Builder
  11. Bed & Box Furniture
  12. Digital Den
  13. Hip Chic
  14. Threads
  15. Clips n Curlz
  16. Avenak Furniture
  17. E-Shack Electronics
  • Kaneva Plaza
Here you can see what hangouts fall under the top categories and port to the Lawn and Leisure shop.
  • Member Homes
Here you can access the homes of other members along with a button to your own.
  • One Click Unemployment Agency
Here you can get rewards every 6 hours.
  • Tours
Click on the Tours icon and you are immediately signed up for the next tour (but you should wait for the automatic in-world notification that tours are available before you click on the icon).