Party hour is a feature in the Virtual World of Kaneva designed to supply members with the game's alternative currency (Rewards). The Party Hour itself is held Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays from 9:30 to 10:30 Eastern time. For users to collect the Rewards, they simply need to log on for a time period of 45 minutes during the Party Hour.


Though in-game officials encourage members online during Party Hour to socialize, for many members Party Hour remained (Until recent times) one of the most fruitful means of acquiring Rewards. 500 Rewards were handed out to anyone online for the required 45 minutes of Party Hour. In July of 2008 Kaneva officials backed down the amount of Rewards distributed from 500 to 100, limiting certain player's means of making in-world currency to leveling up in Kaneva Dance Party, Signing in daily, or leveling up in world fame.

Despite the public outcry over the cutback, Kaneva officials left the Reward limit at 100 until days after the August 27 2008 update, where the Reward payout was increased to 250.

2011 update: It would appear that you again receive 500 rewards for Party Hour. I received 500 this past Saturday.

Party hour pic2

party hour sign in the mall.

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Party hour sign in mall.

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Early 2012 UpdateEdit

The party hours and rewards earned go as such (all times are eastern daylight time):

7am-8am 500 rewards

11 am-12am 500 rewards

3pm-4pm 500 rewards

6pm-7pm 500 rewards

9pm-10pm 1000 rewards

You must be on for at least 45 minutes to earn the rewards. You can earn 3000 rewards in one day if you stay in world and are active--standing around in the EA (employment agency) won't cut it.


Party Hours Banner in Mall