Rewards are the primary form of currency used in the virtual world of Kaneva, as they're always earned through in-game antics or by various means on []. Although there are several ways to earn Rewards, their popularity has waned after the introduction of Credits, which are the only accepted form of currency in specific Kaneva stores and must be bought via online transaction, in-world trade, or by purchasing prepaid Kaneva cards in select Target Stores [1.][2.]


Throughout the virtual world Rewards can be earned by leveling up in World Fame or Dance Party 3D, or by performing various activities such as signing on once daily or participating in specific events. Kaneva officials on will often designate contests or activities players may compete in or be a part of for a small haul of Rewards.

Unlike Credits, Rewards are not universally accepted, with some every store in Kaneva City refusing to accept them. A growing number of other shops around the world have also begun refusing their use, and to date Rewards cannot be used to purchase Dance Floors or Kaneva Real Estate. Rewards also cannot purchase an Access pass to allow entry to the Underground, and cannot be traded from player-to-player as credits voce ir jogando cada vez mais e mais ira ganhar credits!


As many players still rely exclusively on Rewards to purchase in-world materials, some controversy has arisen over recent cuts in the amount of Rewards given to players for formerly lucrative activities. As of July 2008 a cut in the amount of Rewards given to players for participating in Party hour took place, docking the hand-out from 500 to 100. Recently they have upped the reward give-out to 250 to appease reward-dependent players.


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