As a frequent contributor to the world of Kaneva, TBS was given their own piece of land in the virtual world. Modeled after the actual office in Atlanta, George, TBS HQ, as it is affectionately titled in Kaneva, features its own shop and is currently the only means of travel to the adjacent Family Guy House (Outside of jumping). Both the interior and exterior of the building are open to the public.


Players jumping to Kaneva HQ (Or walking from Kaneva Plaza) immediately spawn outside of the building itself, though outside is a a massive television screen that often televises many TBS/Kaneva-themed events and advertisements for select TBS shows. To the right of the player spawn is a pathway that leads directly to the TNT Backlot.

Inside is a second large television, dozens of seats, and numerous promotional screens for TBS programs, including (But not limited to) Family Guy, Frank TV, and My Boys, as well as a shop selling several TBS-themed t-shirts for both men and women. A broadcast booth adorns the eastern side of the room, while the northern edge hosts a series of elevators lead to the Family Guy House (A TBS-related venture).

On July 24 2008 simultaneously hosted a live chat with the cast of My Boys on both Kaneva and following the premiere of the second season. The interview was attended by nearly a hundred Kaneva members.


  • You can climb atop the Headquarters by navigating to the building's exterior and jumping up the angled walls (On the right and left side of the structure) until you reach the roof. From here you have a clear view of the TNT Backlot


The TBS HQ is no longer available.