The TNT Backlot is a location within the virtual world of Kaneva. Open to all audiences, the Backlot is a hosting ground for themes relating to shows hosted on the TNT television channel.

The BacklotEdit

The location itself is embellished with posters, stages, sets, and two large television screens displaying behind-the-scenes looks at TNT shows. While much of the promotional material is designed around shows "the Closer" and "Saving Grace", other programs such as "Law and Order" and "Bones" are constantly promoted via the televisions on two ends of the map. Near the player's spawn is a TNT-oriented shop, currently distributing mens' and womens' t-shirts and other clothing articles for bargain prices (The first of two within the Backlot's grounds).

In addition to the screens and stores are several recreated sets from featured programs. The LAPD headquarters from the Closer is featured, as well as a single Basketball court to cater to fans of TNT's NBA airings (This court is distant from a building specializing in TNT Sports, though no actual advertisements or indications of the building's purpose exist outside of the white lettering on the building) which are replayed on the Backlot's televisions. Also on-site are several buildings intended to appear as grounds for actual editing of programs (These editing rooms include a Sound Stage, though no building currently features an interior for players to explore).

Despite the attention to detail and popularity of many of TNT's shows, the virtual world Backlot is often empty, and has remained one of the quieter locations within the world (In contrast to the adjacent TBS HQ and Family Guy House).


It is possible to climb atop the roof of the suburban home right of your spawn. Navigate to the first house (It should be blue) and jump onto the stairs' railings, before making a second jump to get onto the roof.


The TNT Backlot is no longer available.