Third DimensionEdit

The Third Dimension is an all-ages nightclub in southwest Kaneva, accessible only through jumping or Kaneva City. Since its construction it has primarily been used as a hangout and for playing Dance Party 3D, Kaneva's popular rhythm game.


Upon entering the Third Dimension the player is brought into a gift shop of sorts, with two separate yet related stalls immediately to his or her left selling Rave-themed items for Credits only. Beyond that lies the top floor, featuring a bar and several private booths for those wanting to chat rather than dance (Though there are spots on the top floor where Dance Party 3D can be played). The floor below mostly consists of a massive dance floor, though several benches, speakers, and a DJ Booth also populate this floor (The DJ Booth is purely cosmetic and cannot be used to dictate the songs played in the Third Dimension).


  • Third Dimension boasts two secret rooms. The first is a bathroom: immediately upon exiting the gift shop, turn left and walk down the hallway that comes up on your right. One of the doors in the hallway is intangible and can be walked through. Inside is a particularly grimy washroom, but fear not: stand atop the toilet and jump towards the wall it is backed against. If angled right you will stumble onto another secret room, this one lined with televisions and featuring a balding man in leopard print boxers watching an inactive TV from an old couch. On the table in front of him lies a bag of popcorn and several soda cans.