As a way of helping the players earn more rewards and showcase top raved communities, Kaneva has set a tour system that can be accessed every hour. A player earns 15 rewards for each hangout they visit while on tour and will receive 25 addition rewards if they complete the tour (a player can also earn world fame experience points by going on tour); if a tour is completed, the player can earn up to 175 rewards, but the catch is that the player can only earn that once a day.

Tour CategoriesEdit

  • Sundays:

Even Hours : Wedding Chapels

Odd Hours : Place of Worship

  • Mondays:

Even Hours : Music Venues

Odd Hours : Art Galleries

  • Tuesdays:

Even Hours : Theaters

Odd Hours : Casinos

  • Wednesday:

Even Hours : Theme Parks

Odd Hours : Arcades

  • Thursdays:

Even Hours : Festivals

Odd Hours : Museums

  • Fridays:

Even Hours : Stores

Odd Hours : Game Lounges

  • Saturdays:

Even Hours : Dance Clubs

Odd Hours : Sports Bars